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Lisa A. Hainline
Creative Designer  / Portfolio
The Healing Source -
My other adventure, leading people to the only source of true healing & power.
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Lisa A. Hainline
1317 Joplin Dr. #3
Good design woos you, courts you, and compels you to take a second look at your business, your product, your story. It says "Pick me up," "Read me," "Ponder me," "Buy me," "Contact me." Only an experienced designer can create good design that says all that.
35 Year of Graphic Design
For 37 years Lisa Hainline has developed the visual vocabulary to say a thousand words with one picture. For the past three decades, Lisa has produced and directed custom graphic design for ad agencies, corporations, radio stations, hospitals, banks, manufacturers, local retailers, and magazines (*see credits below).
She recalls recalls graduating from high school with a passion for advertising and a meager portfolio.  Pounding the pavement and looking for work, she drew the attention of a creative director for a large advertising agency.
“He was so impressed with my portfolio and taken with my passion and drive that he made a call to a colleague at a local art studio that housed 35 illustrators. I ran 8 blocks and entered into a world of opportunity after opportunity. I learned from the best while having the chance to be a part of exciting work for national accounts.”
Lisa grew in talent and skill over the years, owning two private design studios and became the Senior Art Director for a mid-sized ad agency. Soon after, Lisa went solo, freelancing out of her home while homeschooling her daughter for eighteen years.
With daughter newly married, Lisa has again turned her attention to private studio ownership, catering to businesses and authors who need the expertise and talent of a professional graphic designer without the high costs of hiring an ad agency.
Specialty Services
From the beautiful mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California, Lisa specializes in designing logos, book covers, promotional materials, and attractive websites that include web banners and other web elements that complete a unified design.
If your design needs professional copy written, photographs taken, or 3D illustrations created, Lisa can direct this production for you as well.
Image really is everything, at least at first glance, and Lisa is dedicated to presenting that image with purpose.
Patience and Leadership
In addition to professional experience and innate ability, business owners and authors need a graphic designer who has patience to help them understand the design process from start to finish.
They also need someone who can help them avoid the mistakes that business owners often make as they try to present their service or product to the public.
Lisa has the patience and leadership skills clients need.
A Personal Life, Too
Lisa dedicates much of her off-design time to helping people heal from emotional pain through her ministry website at TheHealingSource.com.
She also spends time on the joys of her life: her dedicated husband John, and newly-married daughter Samantha, who is equally creative as well. Prayers are always welcome as Sam has struggled a lifetime with many diseases but a planned trip through Europe is a blessing in the face of recovery from having her thymus removed. Ok, too much information but this is ME!

*Lisa’s professional credits include
Paramount Studios
Miller Brewing Company
Kimberly Clark
Roundy’s Supermarkets
(won Milwaukee Addy Award)
 Jerry B. Jenkins
Bethany Press
Wisconsin Bell Telephone
Milwaukee Brewers
Mercury Outboard Motors
Summerfest - the World’s
Largest Music Festival
M&I Bank
St. Cammilius Hospital
West Allis Memorial Hospital
Public Broadcasting, Milwaukee
93QFM radio stations
Hal Leonard Publishing
TA Chapman retail stores


Always interested in fashion, I wanted to be a fashion designer but ended up illustrating because of my hate/relationship with using a sewing machine (you know, it’s a left-brain thing and artists just use the other side…or I’m just stubborn).

My dad, my hero (Sam Vento), who always gave love unconditionally, was always proud of me,  and believed I would do more than “sell pots on the roadside” one day.