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Polly’s Pink Piggy Parlor,

shows how one determined piggy who knows her gift and calling, can soar in spite of what others may say.

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Lisa Vento Hainline Creative Designer  / Author / Illustrator / Portfolio

“Lisa Hainline is a consummate artist, a seasoned professional, and a wonderful person. She illustrated the covers for my three novels-THE MADONNA OF PISANO, A SICILIAN FAREWELL, and RETURN TO BELLA TERRA-all part of my trilogy titled THE ITALIAN CHRONICLES.  Working with Lisa was a joy and a blessing. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an illustrator.”

MaryAnn Diorio, PhD, MFA.
Author of Fiction

“I approached Lisa with what I thought were some pretty good ideas. I was quite proud of what I had put together in my naïve amateurish mind. She took those ideas and said, “What would you think of this?” In presenting another perspective Lisa turned my drab ideas into spectacular book art.

That's the results I received from Lisa and her team. She took my amateurish cut-and-paste ideas and turned them into professional, dynamic graphics. From book cover to mailer post cards to business cards to handout postcards and posters, she does it all with aplomb and panache and they are beautiful!

She brought a professional eye and a basketful of experience to the table. She saw what consumer's expect, and what a professional can produce. She refocused my title. She remade my book cover. And I am ever so grateful and give her all the credit!

Thank you Lisa, for making my book something to be proud of!”

Bill Higgins

Your Road to Damascus: 6 Biblical Secrets for an Effective Job Search

“Lisa was super helpful and I really enjoyed working with her. She was professional, had great ideas and she delivered my product quickly. I would recommend her highly.”

Rita A. Schulte, LPC
Host: Heartline Podcast/Consider This

“Lisa was an absolute joy to work with. In my work as an editor and production manager for self published authors, I have used Lisa Hainline's services for a number of books - and have always been blown away by her designs. Not only did she take direction very well, but she offered a number of creative solutions to requests that my client (the author) had wanted. Her turn-around time was very fast as well.  

Lisa not only captures the essence of the author's story perfectly, but is wonderful to work with. She delivers in a timely way, is open to suggestions and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the perfect cover design. I will definitely be using Lisa for future projects.”  

Diane O'Connell,
CEO and Editorial Director, Write to Sell Your Book, LLC.

“I would like to highly recommend Lionsgate for their Christian publishing excellence. They take Godly pride in making your book a very polished and exemplary finish product. You can count on them for superior quality in editing, cover designing, formatting and publishing your book. They go way beyond the just competent, and they make you feel that you are their only client they have, and it's nice to know that they are praying for you and your book to be successful. Thanks Edie and Lisa for all your help in getting my rough manuscript published.”

Larry Nemitz

Author: The Pinedale Incident

“Lisa has done book covers for many of my clients so far and each one is super-pleased with how well she captured the message of their book. I will be referring her to many more.”

Edie Glaser

Editor - Crafting Stones

“It's amazing how a 1000 little differences created by a pro makes such a difference!”

 Tamela Lewis



“Lisa is a smart, talented and experienced graphic designer who helped us with the brand design for my book, media company and seminars. She has a great eye for color and layout and is highly skilled at the tools of her trade. She's got a good business head and is very collaborative. Highly recommend. ”

 Marion M. Pyle

Author, Speaker, Coach, Seminar Leader

Healed, Healthy and Whole,  We Beat Cancer


"Lisa has designed several book covers for us. We've been pleased with her work. She is blessed with an amazing grace and creativity to put what we feel into images and pictures. We've upgraded our older book covers with her new ones, and our readers have noticed, and some have raved about her work."

                                    Bert Farias

   Author;                     Purity of Heart, The Real Salvation,                                  Prayer: The Language Of the Spirit,                                  Passing On the Move of God to the Next                           Generation, My Son, My Son: Fathering                              and Training a Holy Generation

“Lisa Hainline's designs were a God send! Lisa's work was completed very quickly but with much thought and effort put into each design. She not only perfected my many design needs, but she encouraged me through each and every project with her uplifting spirit and desire to go beyond what was required so that I might have the most unique designs available to take my product to market. I cannot thank her enough for using her time and talents to develop all of my most impressive designs!”

Debbie Wilson
Sweet Scent of Justice

“Lisa is the most creative person I know! She has true gifting that is beyond natural talent!”

Mary Ard’is

His Precious Cargo - Empowering Parents,

Changing Generations


“Working with Lisa has quite literally been a God-send. He put her in my life when I needed a true biblical Christian’s touch for the cover of God’s Truth or the Liberal Lie. She is honest, forthright, and always has my best interest at heart—truly a joy to work with. Thanks again for all you do my sister in Christ!”

Shawn Smith

Author: God’s Truth or the Liberal Lie

“As a self-publisher, I have set high standards for my book covers. I want them to stand out from other books on the book shelves from 10-15 feet away. I want them to make people want to pick up the book and look at it. I expect quality work and I won't accept anything less. Lisa Hainline fulfilled all my needs for my books My Father My Son, and Healing Childhood Emotional Wounds. Her book covers are exemplary.”

Bruce Brodowski

Author: My Father, My Son, Healing the Orphan Heart with the Father's Love

“Lisa Hainline's work and customer service are absolutely terrific! She is so creative, and such a joy to work with. She won't stop working until your project is exactly the way you want it. Her prices are very reasonable, too. You simply can't do better!”

Charlotte Digregorio

Author: Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All

“I first discovered Lisa Hainline while looking to have book covers done on my first two books which were published at the same time. Lisa quickly assessed my needs and got to work on the assignment. Within a short time both book covers were beyond my expectations in style and originality. Both covers were striking and I was quite pleased.

On my next project Lisa again surprised me by providing about 10 different ideas. They were all so good that it was hard to choose. I feel so fortunate to have found the perfect design partner for all my projects. Thank You Lisa for providing such professional service at a reasonable price.”

Frank Hanks
Empty Hospitals publishing

“Lionsgate Christian Book Design delivers what it promises: a masterful combination of creativity, design and professional layout - all with a passion to glorify God.  Lisa Hainline beautifully captured the essence of my book and conveyed in a fresh way its timely message to the reader.  I would highly recommend Lisa for your next literary project.”

D.L. McCarragher



“Lisa Hainline is the best designer there is, hands down. She has all the technical, marketing as well as artistic skills to provide truly expert designs that pop and add an air of professionalism to any project from book covers ( she has done two for me) to websites to a complete brand design. But her abilities really go far beyond all that. She is guided by unmistakable intuition that always gives me exactly what I had envision, except better! If you have a book cover, accompanying materials, website or branding design project, do yourself a favor and hire Lisa Hainline. “

Marni Spencer-Devlin

Author: The Iceberg Principles &    

Crawling into the Light


“Lisa is creative in her work, the Passion and the rate at which she works is exemplary. You are sure to get a service far beyond what you paid, what she does is more than a job for mere livelihood but a dream is been fulfilled as she designs your work. Your happiness is her fee!”

 Ayodeji D. Olusanmi

The Prayer that Works


“Having used Lisa on several covers I can safely say she is the best you can get, not only award winning but she has the artistic perspective that drives a cover.  And she listens to her client’s needs.  Use her with great confidence... I do.”

Dr. James G Johnson

“Lisa has designed many covers for my clients and all have been wonderful. Her covers are evocative of the book's content, are beautiful to look at and intriguing to potential readers. She is truly gifted. Another plus about working with Lisa - she offers many ideas and delivers promptly. A win-win.”   


Janet Spencer King
Independent book editor, self-publishing director

“Lisa Hainline is a creative and determined artist who worked closely with me to get exactly what I wanted. She brought a lot of energy to the project and nailed it for me. I highly recommend her."   


 John DeSimone Director
OC Christian Writers Conference

“I knew when going through examples of book covers created by Lisa Hainline, that I'd found my book cover designer. Lisa put me at ease with the process. She interpreted my story to perfection. She is a talented professional and I will go back to her again. I believe a book cover is a potential customer's first impression-and that impression must capture the essence of the story. Lisa did that and more.”

Barbara Briggs Ward

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness to you for your impeccable efforts and attitude of excellence you used in producing my two Paper-back book covers and the assistance you gave me in helping me understand and develop sub-titles for my books.

From the very beginning you treated my book covers as if they were the most important piece of work you had ever undertaken.  When I didn't know how develop a sub-title ... you took your time and explained the importance of how and why a sub-tile was important for the book.

I Thank-God for you and your giving attribute to go above and beyond to attain perfection when I recently came to you for help in crafting audio C D disc covers and the front and back covers for the C D case. The expertise you displayed while producing the cover for the Disc's and the front and back covers for the audio book case ... were out of this world!

You truly are, "The Best of the Best." I can't wait to have you do my next 2 books I am working on ... Thank you ever so much,”

Danny Clifford

“The moment I contacted Lisa for my book project, I knew I was dealing with a courteous and professional person. She replied to my inquiry immediately and understood what I needed. Lisa's ideas and advice are well worth adhering to. In the end, she produced stunning book covers that have made my books stand out. I look forward to working with her again!”

Dave Hernandez

Author: I AM: The Blueprint of Humanity



“I highly recommend Lisa! She's a joy to work with and is highly gifted and inspired when creating her works of art. She is not only incredibly talented, but she's amazingly quick! She's my go-to professional for any graphic design I need-from book covers to social media cover photos-she's truly the best! “

Carol Whitaker

Author of Ridiculously Happy!

Coach, Speaker, Media Expert




“Thank you to my incredibly gifted graphic designer, Lisa Hainline, for her hours and hours of work-way beyond the call of duty! Through it all, this beautiful Christian woman has become my good friend and I would recommend her to any book publisher desiring exceptional graphic design and Christian integrity.”

Joan Peace

Israel for the Christian Traveler

 “Thank you, Lisa and what a response from readers! One that I never expected - a silent admiring and reverence over the praying hands for America. Someone even said, I see why the cover on a book is so important.' I certainly pray that readers really can judge this book by its powerful cover.”  

Sandra Ruppert
Rise and Shine America